NCIRS (National Crime Information Retrieval System)

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Written by: Sarah Stevens

Data that was hacked by the Chinese in early 2016 has revealed an amazingly complex data mining program called the “National Civilian Information Retrieval System). It’s believed that the formerly unnamed program is a new surveillance program created after Susan Choi took office and sold the program’s effectiveness to Congress and the American people (Under the Public Information Control Act of 2015).. This newly discovered technology has been likened to the stronger, evolved cousin of the United States “PRISM” program leaked by Edward Snowden.

It appears as though special forces, police officials and other government agencies receive constantly evolving, real time data on their targets through parsed information streams commonly found online. This system, in conjunction with PHBD technology can literally predict a target’s behavior and provide officials an unprecedented amount of real time, constantly evolving, personal and political data about their target(s).

Here is what we know about NCIRS, currently.

  • Multiple data streams about targets are pulled from the internet and viable data streams and loaded into a read/write database attached to a lightweight, remote GUI.
  •  All streams of parsed data are broken down into 5 major categories which are:

    1) Online Banking Information to include sales, purchases and online donations.
    2) State and Federal documents (Drivers license, marriage, state/federal aid benefits, death(s) and relatives)
    3) Real time GPS streaming of target locations. (Social media, cell phone, geotagged photos)
    4) Real time access to any available cell phone, tablet or web cameras of said target.
    5) Any and all political and social abstracts derived from parsed data above utilizing the PHBD system.

  • Database information about a target may be edited via the program’s flash based GUI to assist special operation teams, police and state officials – This flexible system provides viable and constantly updated information during arrest(s), military operations and or rescue.

It has been reported to this news agency that he NCIRS is powered by a phased array of supercomputers that can “brute force” crack most if not all password and data fields of a target’s online account(s). It’s rumored that the NCIRS system is responsible for a foiled terrorist attack, earlier this year. The counter operation, dubbed “Crimson Rain” targeted the homes of several prominent extremists with know affiliations to the NRA and multiple right wing conspiracy groups. During the night raid, Ricin, an extremely dangerous toxic material was said to have been found in numerous homes of the extremists, of whom all were killed. No other pertinent information about the raid has been released.


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