About the author

Hello! Thank you for visiting the shadowy underworld of “I Never Looked up.” It’s my hope that your really enjoying the story that I am weaving. I really appreciate the time that you have decided to spend reading my stories and I would like to thank you for that. I’m always happy to receive emails and correspondence, so if you have questions, please contact me. I’m always interested in meeting new people!

My name is Michael and I am artist/author. I live in the Northeast with my wife.  I have spent my life writing after failing virtually every English class I have ever attended. I have written numerous self published books, of which several sold which I am very humbled. I am an avid fan of anything science, social, space, aviation, political and military.

I would like to say foremost that whatever your opinion of global warming, climate change and geoengineering I want you to understand I write what I do for entertainment AND education. What I choose to believe and subsequently write about is a melding of all social constructs both fictional and real. What you choose to take from these stories is a subjective experience – the very nature of the ambiguous storyline allows for personal interpretation which is exactly what I’m aiming for.

Again, thank you for reading my stories! Keep lookin up!!!


All written works appearing on this website are of my creation and is copywritten material.


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