Official Statement From the Office Of The President Of The United States (Part 4)

– Listen to this story.

My fellow Americans – a historic event is unfolding as we speak that has never been witnessed by human beings before. Never in human history has there been a greater threat from climate change – The fact that collectively, we have destroyed our fragile ecosystems must be confronted. Our greed and dependence upon fossil fuels has caused the greatest climate catastrophe the world has ever witnessed. Species are being forced into extinction at the alarming rate of 200-300 species of plant, animal and insect a day.

These creatures feed us, scrub our air and pollinate our plants – if they don’t exist, we don’t exist. Some in my administration are calling this “paying the piper” and our friends on the right argue that God will save us. While the both may be true, America and her close allies must act now.

I believe in plain speak to the average American – the average joe’s. How does a president and the leader of the free world address a public who is frightened, rightfully so about the possibility of life on earth ending? I can only think of one thing to say:

We must release the burden of our national and personal biases, our hatred and our pointless opinions. For too long we have been polarized with social issues of which virtually every American has allowed themselves to be victims. The racial battlegrounds that we ourselves created that cannot help us have been fanned by the flames of political and social apathy.

Black, White, Asian, Female or homosexual now must be ignored as those definitions have dominated and hindered our country’s progress towards clean energy and global harmony. The threats we face will soon be affecting us all and ALL American’s must band together as we did in 1776. We will sink or swim, no matter the color your skin, who you call God, rich or poor, or who you decide to marry.

For too long we have been arguing over climate change while the burden of scientific data didn’t change the sum. For too long, too many previous administrations have hidden the true nature of our global predicament for personal and or financial gain. They spoke of the words “Climate Change” just before those administrations officially banned the word, just as Florida did. We can no longer afford to ignore facts because we are scared – we are Americans, proud, brave and resourceful.

The truth of the matter is, my friends, that Methane is leaking into our atmosphere at an alarming rate. Frozen underwater and underground, these warming pockets of frozen methane substrate are releasing into our atmosphere in a gas form because of our warming earth. The more methane that is released, the more the earth warms – thus releasing more methane into the atmosphere. Massive sink holes all over the world indicate dangerous and toxic methane release on a scale that wasn’t expected by this administration.

Methane release has been attributed to, unfortunately, the Permian mass extinction of which 95 percent of life on earth vanished. Methane is, as I am advised, is up to 150 times as powerful as CO2 over a 10 year time span and is likened to covering the earth in glass. Heating occurs but it cannot escape.

Some news outlets across this great country are reporting that “Chemtrails” and GeoEngineering are responsible for our worsening weather conditions and the methane releases in Siberia and oceans worldwide. I can, guarantee ALL Americans that information is incorrect. Conspiracy theorists aren’t scientists and scientists who are advising my administration categorically deny that “Chemtrails” exist: Contrails are nothing more than water vapor that is released from jet engines – also, GeoEngineering is a theoretical climate change solution, not an actual one that has in no way been instituted anywhere in the continental United States.

I have been assured by top administration scientists that the methane that is leaking can be destroyed, however the nature of these operations are currently classified. I, along with other Federal and State offices have implemented my executive order, The “Civil Disturbance Act” while these earth and life saving operations are being conducted.

While Americans of every stripe are undoubtedly concerned, I am instituting the Civil Disturbance Act (CDA) in effect once our methane reductions operations begin. Anyone in violation of the Civil Disturbance Act will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law possible. The Civilian Disturbance Act is designed to protect the American populace during developing emergencies due to possible civil disturbances in response to worsening weather scenarios around our great country.

This administration will be releasing Civil Disturbance Act details in the coming days. I, as the President Of The United States would also like to address both Democrat and Republican concerns that the Civil Disturbance Act is a soft form of martial law. This act is NOT a martial law declaration in any way.

 I would also like to address American media outlets: In no way shape or form, do I expect to declare martial law in ANY American city. This crisis can be remedied and managed without the need of military intervention. Local police forces in your city or area are working closely with the Federal Government to ensure ALL American’s are safe during these trying times. 

Today, not only as the President Of The United States – I stand with the American people as a sister, a mother,  a daughter and a citizen of a threatened human species. We will face these challenges and overcome them together as a proud people and those that we can’t, we will address as one nation – Under God.

May he be with all of us.

Susan Choi
President Of The United States
Office of the President Of The United States

To be continued


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